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Online banking, a new level of security

Choice Bank is committed to ensuring the safety of your financial information. To reinforce this commitment we have added an extra layer of security to our online banking. Put your mind at ease. Multi Factor Authentication is here, insuring your safety and security.

Chances are you have already seen the split login pages and answered a group of questions in order to login to your account; this is all part of Multi Factor Authentication. The implementation of this process is mandated by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) for banks offering Internet-based financial services.

The process:

  1. After entering your Access ID and Password you will enter a page asking you to Set Security Data.
  2. You will be asked for your e-mail address.
  3. Next, you will see an image and be asked to give a pass phrase. This allows you the ability to verify the bank’s Web-site is being accessed and prevents the use of a fraudulent or look-alike site.
  4. You will then be asked to select and answer three security challenge questions. Answers may be up to 83 characters.
  5. There will then be an option to register the current computer.
  6. After all of the fields have been completed, click submit and you will be logged in.


What does Multi Factor Authentication do for me?
This added security protects you and your financial security in two ways:

  1. You know it’s really Choice Bank.
    Authentication helps you to know that you are on the true Choice Bank Internet banking system and not a look-alike, fraudulent site.
  2. Choice Bank knows it’s really you.
    By registering your computer our system recognizes you by your individual image, pass phrase, and a unique cookie. When you log on we identify your computer by the IP address and other unique identifiers. The cookie is secure and does not contain any personal information. If we cannot recognize your computer you will be asked to answer a Security Challenge Question as an extra layer of protection.

What is the importance of the image and pass phrase?
The image and pass phrase allow the customer to be able to verify the authenticity of the bank’s website. This prevents the use of a fraudulent or look-alike site. After completing the security data section, each time you login to your account you should see the image and pass phrase you selected. If either of these are missing or have changed you may be at a fraudulent site and should stop the login process and contact Choice Bank immediately.

The image is randomly selected. The pass phrase is a phrase up to 100 characters that you set yourself.

What is the Security Challenge?
The Security Challenge is a set of three questions and answers that you set. You may select different questions by clicking the drop down tab. After choosing the question, enter an answer that you will remember. You may be asked to provide the answer during a future login.

Should I register my computer?
If you are using a public computer you should choose to not register it. It is for your safety to have an extra layer of security when using public computers. Each time you login on a computer that you have not registered you will be asked to answer one of the security challenge questions you chose during setup.

If you are using a personal computer you may choose to register it. You may register more than one computer.

What if I cannot remember the answers to my Security Questions?
If the Security Challenge Questions is answered incorrectly four times the account will be locked. You will receive a message stating “Unable to Process Request-Try Again Later or Contact Customer Service.” You will need to contact Choice Bank at (920) 230-1300 during normal business hours to have your account reset.

Can I make changes to the Security Data after setting the initial data?
Yes. To make changes to security questions, image and pass phrase, password or your e-mail just login to your account. You can then make changes from the Options button.

Can I opt out of these security measures?
No. They have been put in place for your protection as well as for regulatory reasons. Every customer choosing to use internet banking will be required to complete the same procedures.

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