What's Your Financial Paper Footprint?

Calculate how much you can reduce your environmental impact by switching to electronic billing, statements and payments! Just enter the amount of bills and statements your household receives each month and the number of checks you mail, to see the difference you can make if you switch:

Calculate Your Green Footprint

How many paper bills and statements do you receive each month?

How many paper payments do you make each month?

Choice Bank eStatements

By switching to electronic bills, statements, and payments, you can conserve the following resources in 1 year:

Paper 0 pounds of paper saved
Water 0 gallons of wastewater prevented from discharging into lakes, streams and rivers
Gasoline 0 gallons of gas saved by not mailing your bills, statements, and payments
Greenhouse Gases 0 pounds of greenhouse gases avoided
This amount of greenhouse gas is the equivalent of: 0 miles not driven in your car
0 trees planted (and grown for 10 years)
0 square feet of forest preserved from deforestation